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At the time when my Zagreb based demo band Spleen was about to split-up, I started to dj on Radio Student in Zagreb in 1997. The show was dubbed Have a Break delivering all sorts of Afro-American flavours. After a year I began to focus on electronic music, without chosing any particularly style. As a member of the Breakalicious crew and Egoboo.bits, for 7 years now, I appeared at the foreign stages: in Ljubljana (K4, Channell One), Graz (Springfour, Springfive), Zurich (Anorg fest) and Naples (Mediterranean Biennale) among others. In Croatia - Funky Breaks, Breakalicious, Kontrapunkt, Stereo Studio, >>FFWD, Synchro, Escape, Groodanje, Dot Frequency, Bass Invaders, Dirty Beatz, Illectric Funk, Moovare, Tatraplan, Valkana Beach, Seasplash ... I love to produce mix tapes, and some of them had been transmitted on Ninja Tune’s Solid Steel Show , Fine Time and Deep FM on Radio 101, and Radio Rijeka - My latest dj selections came as the results of researching the ex-Yugoslavian musical heritage (Obscure YU grooves - funk, fusion and dancefloor jazz, YU elektronika and YU disco show). My nomination for the dj of the year on Zlatna Koogla 2005 was a flop. Within the Multimedia Institute mi2 in Zagreb I have co organized the first Creative Commons festival in the world "Sloboda Stvaralastvu" (Freedom to Creativity), dj Pytzek and I did the first dj workshop in Croatia (since 2001.), and for whose label Egoboo.bits I’ve produced 3 mix albums, and one of my own Method Of Dehumanisation. The album is consisting of vinyl end loops as a basis modulated with basic dj tools + fx. I’ve performed it in Naples, 2005. at the Mediterranean Biennale for young artists. A collaboration with two renowned underground figures from Zagreb followed, D.P.Pajo and Mario Kovac, resulting with an totally improvised live album. Live at MMCentar 2005. At Operacija grad 2: Jedinstvo with D.P.Pajo plus some other improvisers we recorded some new noises as Impromondays. Our performance can be downloaded here Thursday Live Operating 2007. At the end of 2007 we performed at 7th N.O. Jazz festival in SC. About my multimedia and performing arts collaborations you can get informed by entering forhcoming links Montazstroj - Kazaliste vase i nase mladosti while I’m finishing my new album "Porod Od Tmine"
I’m also active as a music critic on, and selling second hand vinyl at Free Bird music shop,
What other people had to say about my work you can read right here.
discography: Official releases - Egoboo.bits
01. EgobooMix - Don’t Block Yourself (2002.)
02. Method of Dehumanisation (2004.)
03. V.A. Ego Hits no.1 (2005.)
04. V.A. Ego Hits no.2 (2006.)
05. D.P.Pajo Labosh Mario K - Live in MMcentar (2006.)
06. Impromondays - Thursday Live Operating (2007. Gentle Junk CO. recordings)
07. Porod od Tmine (1992.-2007.) (to be released)
08. Impromondays - Frankenstein Cutz (Gentle Junk CO. recordings ) (to be released in March 2008. )
discography: appearing on ...
01. No Name No Fame - Buena Vista Fight Club Rmxs (2004.)
02. V.A. Bombardiranje Nju Jorka 11 (2006. Slusaj Najglasnije)
03. Narrow - Somewhere Nice & Quiet (2007. Aside Thorns)
discography: Self releases - MIX TAPES
01. Funky Breaks - live in Mochvara 03112000 (2005.)
02. Operating Instructions - Elektronic (2001.)
03. Breaks in a Flow (2001.)
04. Space House Tech (2002.)
05. The Night after Christmas (2002.)
06. L.OST A.gain (2002.)
07. Dark Player - live in KSET (2002.)
08. Light Player - live in KSET (2002.)
09. Blashkov San (2003.)
10. This isn’t Deep This is Sick (2003.)
11. Breakalicious Re-promoting (2003.)
12. Obscure YU Grooves (2005.)


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