Saturday, March 22, 2008

Mad Shepard


Mad Shepard is colaboration project between one man and one computer that started in 1998. With experimentation as leading idea of the project, Mad Shepard delivers more extreme shapes of electronic music with inspiration taken from noise, grindcore, dark ambient, jazz, occultism, chaos, anti-religion and similars. First album, “ Little trip to frustration paradise“ ( made in tracker style producing on 486k5 CPU ) was released in D.I.Y. manner in 1999. Not long after that Mad Shepard was part of “Principia Discordia” compilation tape ( fecal forces/ carpe diem prod. ) together with Marburgs Baum ( FRA ), E.H.I. ( USA ), Outermost ( JAP ), PBK Theatre ( CRO ) and Gruuthaagy ( CRO ). Following was invitation to be part of Napalmed rec. compilation but, due to finantial problems, unfortunately that project was not realised. 486k5 CPU was replaced with Athlon2600XP and Soundstrom soundcard and new horizons opened with possibility to use more professional sound editing tools. That was the begining of new more extreme and mature Mad Shepard that charges through soundscapes today. Bands and labels feel free to contact MS for possible colaborations at Cheers


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