Friday, March 21, 2008

Mass Morder Corporation

Mass Morder Corporation

from: CyberfArts website:

MMC is an joint effort of last two members of VIVIsect, Fritz and Robert. It all started back in '97 after we decided to move forward from the dead point we were at the time and try something refreshing and yet disturbing. And what else could we do but switching' up the old gear and let the current flow electrically. The first long play came under the code name Novus Ordo Sanctum and contained 17 mind bending songs that'll last little longer than many mainstream stuff released at the time.

That followed the EP World Wide Genocide in '98 which held a marathon length version and remixed songs from N.O.S. In summer of '98, I recorded the mini album Publum Est! with some CyberfArts friends, as Robert was in Holland at the time attending the Royal Academy of Visual Arts (Sound and image).


Publum Est (1998 EP)

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