Friday, March 21, 2008

Starr & Webb

Starr & Webb

new wave / synth pop band, 1992-1993.

It was long before ALONE. Starr and Webb were probably the srtangest combiation of people possiable. Webb was small and thin, while Starr was huge. Webb liked Coil, Residents, Bill Nelson and new romantics while Starr liked TAD, Big Black and Mudhoney. They met somewhere between Young Gods, Foetus and Cure and made probbably the saddest electronic pop songs their homeland ever heard.

"At the beginning of this STARR & WEBB project, we were just two funny loosers from industrial noise band Ramper's Ghetto Blaster. But after few months of playing together, we were yet less than at the beginning. Everyone were saying "You boys are great, it's a pity you play music that died away 15 years ago!"

Still I feel that these songs are the saddest I ever played... Because they are not stained with philosophy, intelligence, art and poetry. They may be senseless but I feel there pure emotion, friendship and nostalgia."

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