Thursday, March 20, 2008



'' NADRI '’ is our expression for native improvisation in any art form, especially in Music. We use this term for any kind of music, performed by non-educated artists, that touches your Mind and Soul deep within. NADRI is an established, non-profit, art organization. Anyone open-minded who finds him / her / itself in our description is free and most welcome to contact us and join & enjoy freely. NADRI is a concept, more than a music band. We don't have any rehearsals, dough we have gatherings and social reunions, which we reffer as Sessions. Our Sessions take place anywhere we can play in peace, mostly in nature and in our members' homes. All of our recordings are made with a non-professional equipment (Olympus Digital Recorder for journalists) and, as such, rawly uploaded on our MySpace page. Sometimes, there is a professional equipment which is provided by our closest companion, sound recording engeneer, Milos Drobnjakovic, from the band ''Nioba''. Studio recorded & post-productioned tracks are: '' Still Sellin' '', '' Intermezzo No.7 '', ''Got To Go Blues '', etc.

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