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The whole thing started when they were still in the previous millennium. Well…not exactly, the guys did have to put the formation of a serious band on hold because of ‘‘The Prophecy of the year 2000’’ – it was said to be end of planet Earth as we know it. But, the year 2001 came and it was safe enough to finally put a band together – Dalibor-Buc, Andrej and Grega were the ones killing time by playing their instruments and showing their extraordinary talents to the world. It was a small world at first, but then Ale-- came along with something called the keyboards and started adding the much needed spices to the blend. All the guys needed now was a bass and they were all set. Sure enough, Du--an joined the crew and made sure the band was ready to start showing the audiences around Slovenia that they mean business. They still needed a name though. After a day of juggling with all sorts of ideas, one idea came and started raising eyebrows: Polimorf (Polymorph). It sounded pretty cool, so the guy that came up with such a name had some explaining to do. Needless to say, the guys were satisfied and the band got a name. There were a few live gigs here and there and on one of them, called ‘‘The Koro--ka Rock ‘n’ Roll Festival’’, Polimorf won first prize. It was a rock contest and the boys earned 200.000 former Slovenian Tolars, which they used for recording a demo. In 2004 there was a minor setback when Du--an left the gang, so things got a bit quiet. Finding a new bass player is not as easy as it may seem, but after six months of digging there was gold – Jernej Kosma--in beamed himself straight from Jupiter to immediately feel the stuff Polimorf was playing and concerts were again inevitable. Oh yeah! So the conquest of Slovenia began – Polimorf made it to the finals of the ‘‘--ou Rock’’ contest at --tuk Maribor, they also played in Club ‘‘Satchmo’’, Bar2, Kompleks, as well as numberless smaller places around the country. The Polimorf band is hard (if not impossible) to define, maybe the name of the band can give us a clearer picture of what they’re all about. Here’s what the dictionary says: ‘‘Polymorphic: existing in numerous forms or structures, apperaring in a variety of different shapes or changing from one state to the other.’’ Orto Bar Ljubljana"

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