Friday, March 21, 2008



Aluviana’s music could be regarded as the continuation of dark ambient and post-industrial music before the most recent electronic trends took over.

About Tiha Voda

Having previously explored the possibilities given by sampling and processing sounds sampled from nature, ‘Tiha Voda’ (‘Silent Water’) gives preference to a marriage of dark ambient and industrial soundscapes of the ‘90s, as compared to the presently more popular clicks ‘n cuts and glitchtronica. ‘Tiha Voda’ is a result of last years’ hard work, a mélange of occasional beats, combined with dark psychotic soundscapes and droney basslines, with several similar releases coming forth shortly.

The mood on this release is aimed to create a menacing sentiment of insecurity that is a result of mistreatment of people, all living things and our natural environment in our post-industrial civilization and communication society, opening possibilities of Space Age – a spectrum aspiration and fear, but also hope, carried on the wings of two lengthy musical compositions.

Once encompassed by the opening tones of the two tracks of this release, the listener remains mesmerised by the sheer intensity, unable to escape and unwilling to stop this journey until discovering light at the end of the tunnel, and hence, hope.

About Mila Bitja

Scenic, layered and intense, the latest trilogy by Aluviana is seen by this humble reviewer as a child's (children's?) voyage though the the Bardo plane of existence, to be born (again) unto this dreadful, unfair world.

Aluviana's trademark tonal textures and the industrial, droney rhythmic patterns are still there, but what truly sets this release apart is the tremendous intensity buildup, climaxing in the last track 'Vodna Bitja', reminiscent of a child finally reaching the protective water of mother's womb.

As compared to the previous release, 'Mila Bitja' will be much more to the liking of connoisseurs of rhythmic Industrial Ambient. However, a feeling of both happinness and sadness prevails as the artist slowly absorbs you into the journey of a soul, slowly transiting from one existence to another.


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