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"SCH, a group of Sarajevo alternative maniacs who had, infinitely and into infinity, dissipated more wild energy and artificial rebellion than one could fit into all the gothic underground cellars from Hamburg to London."
Miljenko Jergovic

"Europe saw in America the embodiment of her sub-cultural excesses, all the while mythologising them. One could similarily identify Bosnia with SCH, but that is regrettably not true, for you will not - nor will you ever - get to hear SCH played on the sound system of a 'Centrotrans' bus en route from Sarajevo to Tuzla."
Semezdin Mehmedinovic

SCH represents one of the most significant names in the field of alternative rock and objective music in the former Yugoslavia. Formed in the mid-eighties in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the band has enjoyed an intensive creative, recording and live existence, while maintaining its singular leftfield status. The band has played live all over the former Yugoslavia, as well as throughout Europe (Prague, Budapest, Geneva...) Additionally, SCH music and recordings has been used prominently in films and on radio and TV, as well as in the theatre.

SCH is
The most authentic
The most intensive
The most unusual
The most radical
The most serious
The most advanced
Themost alternative
The most refined
The most controversial
The most intricate
The most utopian
The most consistent
That is, certainly the most significant and best alternative band, phenomenon, project, concept, idea, and accomplishment in the history of Bosnia, and Sarajevo.

Most significant releases:

demos 1980 - 4 demos (1980)
Cassette SCH (Zalozba FV, Ljubljana 1988)
LP During Wartime (Independent edition, Sarajevo 1989)
CD White Music: Two Ways To German Art & Work Discipline (Listen Loudest, Zagreb 1991)
CD The Gentle Art of Firing (Obala Art Center, Sarajevo 1995)
CD During Wartime... Again (Polikita Records, Lukavac 1999)
CD VRIL (Magaza, Sarajevo 2002)
2xCD Eat This! (BuyBook, Sarajevo 2004)
CD Deluge And After (BuyBook, Sarajevo, 2006)
CD Only Cunts Don't Fear The Rain (Polikita rec. 2006) ..


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