Thursday, March 20, 2008

Signal to Noise


The project combines variety of music styles - basically everything that was influential to it's authors artistic exposure. Roughly speaking, it is electronic music, with industrial in it's root, but widely colored by many different music influences - from harsh noise, over early industrial and EBM, to more profound IDM and electro combining down tempo break beats and even trip hop. The main themes S2N is dealing with are society, new age science, wars, chemicals, stimulanses, personal issues and many more. Signal to noise has somewhat different live performances than one may suspect. Years SkyScream spent in his hardcore punk bands led him to organize S2N shows as "live" as possible. Instead of pre-recorded matrix that would leave space for vocals only, S2N has at least 5 people on stage - there is a matrix that is synchronizing main song flows, but the matrix is rather different from the studio recorded song versions, more beat oriented and reduced, leaving space for two real time played keyboards, bass guitar, electric guitar with fat effects and even analogue rhythm machine played in real time by the percussionist. There is not any kind of synchronising devices - and it is making things harder for the musicians, but the result is live act with tons of improvisations and energy. And, in the middle of that vivid mixture of synthetic and live sounds, come male and female vocals as main ones, with female back vocals on almost every song. Also, every song has its own live version, so having S2N CD and listening to it at home and seeing them playing live is two different events, since every song is rather diferent experience.
S2N also works on remixes. SkyScream enjoys creating his versions of the songs made by other authors that he likes. Remixing is the process that is flaring a different light to the original, so S2N remixes are their own perception of others emotions shaped into music. Signal to noise is opened for any kind of remix offers, remix wars projects and things like that, so everyone is free to contact them and offer a collaboration, weather remixing S2N songs or vice versa.
S2N is currently signed on the Cold Trinity Records, the first Serbian Industrial label, but is also looking for bigger label to continue it's work with. SkyScream is one of the executives of the CT, which is small, indie label, tending to grow and keep the quality of the independent music. Signal to noise first album titled "Aeon" is due to come out this spring.

S2N releases :
- Scarlet Sky [Evil disco dogs] single [self released] 2003.
- Nexus 6 single [self released] 2003.
- Chronos test Ep [self released] 2004.
- Unreadable error [remixes] ep [self released] 2005.
- Aeon Lp [Cold trinity] 2007.

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