Friday, March 21, 2008



During two days ( 06 and 07 July) an original Luna Park will take place in Pekarna, this funfair ENIAROF is a collective project ,leaded by Frenchies, in wich the participants develop new forms of attractions, so don..t panic if you find there embezzled video games,Freaks , hijacked Karaoke, pimped wheelbarows, Mexican wrestling..
This two days of party will end a 10 days workshop where a group of 15 old ENIAROFERS mostly from France , England and America, will work collectively with 15 rookies from all slovenia to set up the SLOVENIAROF!
This 30 artists-programers-Freaks-performers' attractions are waiting for you to experiment all crazy and ludics aspect of such demented luna park ..
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FREAKs SHOW ..and don..t forget to visit the Cabaret of curiosities stage-managed by the subhuman of l'Association Demalfaiteurs a French fundation which will offer us a travel through their freaks univers; an Elektro live set from England and France mixed with brilliant alternative band from austria articulated around an impressive and creepy scenographie..Get out of your cages for the Freaks show in Gustaff, Pekarna 06 July for an amazing Space Opera...

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