Saturday, March 22, 2008



Smetnja (or in English "interference") is an noise/harsh noise project from Croatia, Rijeka and is active for about one year. The very begginings of the project were mere experimentation with unconventional music and improvisation. As time progressed so did Smetnja have a much more serious approach and songs were recorded during summer and autumn of 2007 but none were released due to low interest in noise music from people and the city in which Smetnja was formed. Despite low interest a split release was eventually recorded and printed with an grindcore/sludge one man band called Zmajevdah. The release was limited to 10 copies and all 10 copies were given. It was also distributed over the internet and had a considerable amount of downloads. So far this is the only non-mp3 release by Smetnja but another split with 2 more noise groups is planned to be released in spring of 2008. The mission of Smetnja is simple; make noise and to mock conventional music and human life in general in a satirical way. The project uses analogue and digital sound sources or those two mixed. Analogue songs are usually made with distortion pedals, walkmans, radios, microphones, all sorts of home built contraptions and furniture. Digital songs use sound sources from commercials or movies which are then modified. Smetnja follows no ideology or religion and does not wish to be connected with such foolish utopias. Main influences are Merzbow and C.C.C.C. but has no intention to be a simple clone of their music.



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