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URGH! was a band active in Belgrade, Serbia, from 1991 to 2001. During a decade of their existence, they displayed an impressive ability to change their musical direction and merge various genres in their output.The band kicked-off as grindcore quartet and achieved relative fame when a video for their song Paradise Town got aired on the first national channel. It was a big thing back in the day, since Serbia had only three TV-channels.

The first “real” release was a split tape with PMS in 1992 called Yonuss Tape. Although not a first band from Belgrade to play grindcore, URGH! managed to approach a wider audience with their sound. Searching for a new musical identity ensued, leading to another two cassette releases: 9194 and Unplugged. While former blended grindcore with all sorts of musical directions in a perplexing cacophony, the latter offered a mellow side of same songs including orchestrations with violin, accordion and toys. Until 1997 URGH! stabilized in a sort of post-core/noise sound and released Oesophagus. The song Kratko&Jasno, boosted by a furious video, became band’s most recognizable song. In 1999 URGH! re-recorded some old songs and complied a "best of" release. Planned to be band’s first CD, 120% never saw light of the day because band's then-publisher B92 got taken over by the regime and CD destroyed along with some other releases. By 2000 URGH! has become a trio and recorded Sumo, their last album to date, released in 2001. The album was built upon samples and loops instead of live drums and spawned a minor hit "Kasika, viljuska, noz" using lyrics of an old children's song.

Fortuantely, we've got the permission from the artist to post his releases here in promotional purposes. Thanx to Gagi of Urgh


1992 - Yonuss Tape (part 1, part 2)
1994 - 9194
1995 - Unplugged
1996 - Cesophagus
1999 - 120%
2001 - Sumo

Gagi's solo work:


Apo pantos kakodaimonos
Razmena materije
Kasika, viljuska, noz


TONA said...

Bend više ne radi, a pevač Dragoslav/Gagi živi u inostranstvu.
Upravo sam se čuo s njim pa mi je dao neke linkove za njegov solo work, kao i za poslednji album benda - Sumo.

dragoberto said...

mala dopuna

1999 - 120%
2001 - Sumo

poslacu ti linkove

Anonymous said...

Umesto albuma Sumo je uloadovan Dragoberto, promenite to !

Anonymous said...

ima i ovde cela diskografija: