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Signum is a music band formed in Novi Sad, Ex Yugoslavia, Serbia.

In the year of 1994 Farkas Csongor – guitar, synths , Baksa Gaspar – bass guitar and Antal Szilard – drumms & vocal, gave the name Signum to their group.
The first three songs arises in a very short period of time and were recorded in a studio. ’Fellow traveler’, ’Frost works’ and ’I dreamed again’ makes their trilogy. During the recordings, Jankovics Andrea joined the group with – back vocals & synths.
From the very beginning among the members, spontaneously developes a direction, to dark wave sound. The group rehearses every day in an adapted garage.
In 1995. Signum has their first performance in a club called ’Dublin’ in Petrovaradin and in the same time the group inspires them, for to be more live performances held there. The public compares their music and performance with a group called Bauhaus. The rest of the concerts were held in SPENS, Atrijum, other clubbs etc, also in Novi Sad.
Signum records some of their rehearsals and performances with a VHS camera and from that material makes their two video clips, which you can watch on this internet link:
In 1997. the group gathered enough material for their first album so they went to studio again.
After a mounth, they recorded all of the instruments except the vocals. Than suddenly the band fell apart and the album stayed like that.
In 1999. Signum becomes more known and just than they starts to recieve invitations to perform, etc...

In that year, Gasa moved to Budapest and continued with performances and music first with his project called ’Mind-jart’ and after ’Mindkiller’, more nursering the sound of electronic and industrial music. See the link:
Csongor joined a pop group from Novi Sad called ’Minstrel’, with whom he playes a couple of years, than he makes a pause until 2006. when he makes a new group called DjuChong which is still active. See the link:
Szilard continued to perform and to make music with his brothers, The Antals.

In 2003. Szilard and Csongor started to cooperate again. They composed a music for a short movie, called Winter, which they signed as Signum.
Immediately after they’re going to studio where they are recording four new songs, from which they recorded one, called „The change that never comes“ with The Antals, in a new version. The song is performed for a TV show amongst other songs from The Antals.

In the middle of 2008. a compilation of Ðorðe Balaševiæ’s adaptions have been published, called ’Neki noviji klinci’, by PGP, where Szilard and Csongor presents their version of a song, called ’D-moll’ and they signed them selves as Signum! It is interesting that on the compilation, everyone presented their selves in a rock manner, and amongst them only Signum stands out with their minimal electronic approach in music.

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