Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Margita je mrtva "Do pobede"

The first full lenght album of famous bioelectrical band from Nis, Margita je mrtva is out for Cold trinity!
MARGITA's output so far has been marked by an intense research of the interrelationships between sexuality, power and death by using home computers and electronic instruments.
Here's the tracklist:
01 1zvinite molim vas
02 Serbische Elektroniq
03 Debilne devojke
04 Igraj se
05 She is so
06 f.y.k.m.n.i.w.y.t.f.m.
07 Baby is a Petite Bourgeoise
08 Touch Yourself
09 Baš volim što ti je lepo [feat. Mrcnr]
10 God is a Disease
11 U plavom...
12 Ja sam tvoj
13 U sjeni neona
14 S vetrom na licima
15 Jeres #1
16 Margita ist tot
17 Never Speak
18 Debilne devojke [Mekonin remix]
19 Debilne devojke [Plasma-Arc Machining remix]

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