Monday, April 21, 2008

THIRD I - Reflections of Internal Pain EP

THIRD I: Reflections of internal pain EP

Here is the new D:S release. I think it's D:S's number five! Third I is a noise / experimental / industrial duo act from Cuprija/Nis. They have a lot of DIY releases and are very productive. Here is their EP called "Reflections of Internal Pain" which is a new experiment with the weird enviroment and rough sounds or just emo-wuss-whinning-dark ambient-noise as they like to call it. This is their 10th release for a short period of time. Hope you will enjoy this great music:

01 Farewell Reason.mp3 (2:38)
02 Third EYE CRY.mp3 (5:23)
03 Idees Noires.mp3 (1:37)
04 Eyescream.mp3 (0:42)
05 Eyedentity.mp3 (2:15)
you can download it for free here:
Third I-Reflections of internal Pain EP (D:S-005)

Third I website

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