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The music of KISMET can be described as a fusion of traditional Balcan ethno , experimental , darkwave-industrial and electronic sounds.KISMET debut in 1994 as an extension of the Macedonian cult band MIZAR who had huge succes in the Balkan's in the late 80's early 90's.They released their first EP "Dormant Dire" (1994) with their first line up:Gorazd Chapovski,John Hrup,Pece Kazanovski and Metodi Kundevski.After this they change their line up and recorded their first LP "Damjan's War" (1995).Their latest recording "Wake Up Gods" has been released on 10.II.1998 on American label Tone Casualties (Cargo Distribution).Tone Casualties is a label dedicated to dark,atmospheric,cinematic,ambient industrial music with a surreal twist which explains their interest in KISMET.They've worked with the likes of Frank Zappa, Mark Mothersbaugh (of Devo) and Drew Neumann (Aeon Flux, Mtv) further comfirming their commitment to experimental music.

While currently based in Australia , KISMET regulary work in Macedonia giving them a dedicated following in Australia,Central Europe and the Balkans.KISMET also have signed up the contract with MTV - America which allows MTV to use some samples from the album "Wake Up Gods" in some of the shows like "Road Rules" and
"Real World"

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Gorazd Chapovski : vocal,tambura,zurla,guitar,samples and programs
Ilija Stojanovski : bass,tambura and kaval
Stefan Popovic : drums , tapan
Steven Teref : vocal - spoken word


Dreaming (200?)
North Atlantic Balkan Express (Tone Casualties - 1999)
Wake up Gods (Tone Casualties - 1998)
Damjan's War (Paritor Records - 1995)
Dormant Dire (EP) (Paritor Records 1994)



Anonymous said...

Kismet ima jos 2 albuma:
North Atlantic Balkan Express (Tone Casualties - 1999)
Dreaming (200?)
i jos nekoliko pojavljivanja po kompilacijama sa pesmama radjenim za te prilike.

Rebeka said...

hvala na dopuni, izmenjena je tema.