Monday, May 5, 2008



Maltreat 2004 - 2006, rip, conducted as a classic four man band based in Beocin, working in Novi Sad, with just few gigs and eight recorded tracks, along with 2 unrecorded, but still the best "Reposte" and "27 Tense Minutes", made great contribution to local scene with music never heard before. Band relied their sound on classics as "kuyss, deftones, alice in chains..." and vocals more like that dirty noiserock screaming. Only recs. are 8track demo from 2005 made in "RobatzClub" during one hour session and "Say Yes To Dope (live in dvoriste)" Bootleg concert recording, that has been released as a Badroomtapes release. One and only lineup was: Srdjan Stevanovic - Drums, Marko Stevanovic - Guitar, Songwriting, Batalo Nemanja - Bass, Sindjelic Milan - Vocals, Lyrics.

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