Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Gustaph y njegovi dobri duhovi

Gustaph y njegovi dobri duhovi
This was the post new wave band from the early 80's. Their music was very Talking Heads orientated and they've released their first album in 1985. The title of the album was "V " and the producer of the album was r.i.p. Milan Mladenovic (singer of the Serbian pop band EKV). They've had two record labels at the time. First one was the major record label "Jugoton" and the 2nd one was "Dokumentarnu" a slovenian indie label.

Here is one link we've found on the net that you may find useful:

1985- V (Jugoton, Dokumentarnu)


Anonymous said...

a pass, koji je?

Lovro said...

sifra: najpogodnijemesto