Thursday, July 3, 2008

Dalibor Radovanac -Odrediste zbirka pokradenih misli

Dalibor Radovanac
Dalibor Radovanac is an underground writer associated with a lot of ExYu & foreign experimental industrial and noise acts. This is his collection of written poetry. The name of the book is very long but I will retype it. The book is called:"Odrediste, zbirka pokradenih misli iza kojih ne stoji nista, to jest sveopste i cjelovito reformisanje cjelokupne vaseljene, povodom glasa casnog sveslavenskog superplemena, sa pridodatim kratkim komentarima pjesnika Dalibor Radovanca koji je radi toga bacen u lance i prikovan za galiju posredstvom kvazihriscana, sada se daje u stampu i na znanje svim ljudima cista srca". This book was released in 2006. and it was printed in only 200 copies. Dalibor decided to release his book online in PDF format for all you extreme people who follow the things behind things. Here it is and feel free to download it and distribute it, print it and read it out loud:

(size: 770kb)
download link

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