Sunday, July 20, 2008

Retro Mind: Soundcutting 2

RETRO MIND: Soundcutting 2
A while a go I was contacted by Aleksandar from the industrial metal band Retro Mind. Aleksandar told me that Retro Mind recorded the second album called "Soundcutting 2" DIY released and spread to friends and fans in only 10 CD copies . He was happy to find his band on our blog and gave me the link for the second album for you guys . Soon we will receive the complete info about Retro Mind for you to read. But for now, here is the "Soundcutting 2" album. When I first listened to this album, I was surprised to find that they've gone from industrial rock based band to industrial metal with some grind elements at the moment. Aleksandar told me that the whole album was recorded at home. I've attached the artwork of the original "Soundcutting" that record label decided not to print that way and made an alternative artwork. Thanx to Aleksandar


01. Disinction
02. My thoughts
03. New Mind
05. Brutal
06. Intermezzo
07. Industrial chaos
08. My World
09. Hetero
10. Sense of Retro
11. Immortal
12. Visions of Disorder

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