Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lövröi: "Suicidicijalisijalicalizacija" EP

Lövröi: "Suicidicijalisijalicalizacija" EP (2009)
(eng. process when bulb commit suicide) This is a introduction for the future album "Karaoke SUicide" by Lövröi. It contains four songs in instrumental form (two studio + two demo version of songs). We hope you like this raw and not-fancy sound, and very special thanx to Lövröi for contributing his stuff.

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01. Intaktillia (Ja Sam Nedodirljiv) (Channel Reversed Demo Version)
02. Ja Sam Nedodirljiv
03. Sonata Za Dijareju (Intro)
04. Sonata Za Dijareju (Intro) (Demo)

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