Thursday, March 11, 2010



I'm were a dark noise project from the town of Niš (Serbia). They've existed from 1993 'till 2003. At first only a home made project and than in 1997. there was their first live performance in the club "Jastreb". Until this year members of the project were Ivan and Mića. Their first 'self-titled' album was finished on January of 1997. In 1998. they change their line-up and their new performances took place. In May of 2001. member Milo leaves the band to form slapHappy project. In 2002. they self-released another album - "Programmed". On june 2003. the band was no more.


1997 - I'm
2002 - Programmed
2002 - Icy Bleakness of Things (v.a.)
2002 - Who killed the crow (v.a.)
2003 - Vulgarni optimizam (v.a.)

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