Monday, May 17, 2010



Its with some surprise that this Slovenian-trio Electrix and this fifth-teen track debut-album Déjà Vu released last-year on Dallas Records has not being received the attention it should be receiving as the eighties influenced Electronic Pop of Déjà Vu somewhat recalls both musically and vocally Alphaville and their classic-debut Forever Young with more than a hint of Depeche Mode and The Human League through out the album itself that includes four bonus-tracks with two featuring English-vocals of two of the five-tracks here that are sung in Slovenian among the fifth-teen present where there are quite a few that instantly grab your attention with their solid and pacey feel, neat synths, big choruses and strong vocals that fully showcase this promising Slovenian-trio with the superb Dolce Vita a perfect example of this with its up-tempo pace and neat synths that recall Depeche Mode’s Speak & Spell era therefore making it an album highlight, while the neat synths of the excellent Last Kiss also further recalls eighties Depeche Mode, while equally excellent is the more powerful sound of the Sonce Po Dezju – Waiting which somewhat recalls The Human League and the more up-tempo pace and neat synths of Sci-Fi Song to the largely mid-paced feel of Razprodaja – Soap Love and the somewhat similar sounding Dreamin’ and Radio, while there is a darker mid-paced feel to the equally excellent Bleed & Nobody Needs To Know while also of note is the bouncy, mid-paced feel of Ljubezen V Avtu with guest vocalist Anita Kay and the snappy synths and simplistic feel to Janez while Catch Me & Taja both unfortunately feature some unwelcoming guitar on two very-good tracks for what is an excellent and impressive debut-album from one of the more promising new Synth Pop acts to come out of Eastern Europe. © DK

Last Kiss - Video

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