Thursday, August 12, 2010

Syphil : Sugar and Infection

industrial / ambiental / experimental
Oh yes! Finally some new stuff from Syphil. Here is a completely new album. 8 tracks that go back to the eightees and the oldschool industrial sound followed by a big amount of experiment. Their sound changed to rhythm based structure and the screaming vocals are now pretty much in your face. Old Laibach & Swans structure. If you like these bands you will also like this album! So download this quickly until you die!

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1. Wailing Wall (5:05)
2. Bleed The Secret (5:04)
3. Whore Pile (2:40)
4. Tar Lakes (5:59)
5. Dancing Meathooks Bataille Brothel (4:07)
6. Low Life Yellow Rose (2:49)
7. Seasons Razed (5:00)
8. Sugar And Infection (7:23)
file info:

size: 55mb
8 track - 44khz192kbps/mp3

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