Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sound of Her Wings


Sound of her Wings is Serbian "SynthWave" project, started by its sole member, Victor in year 2008 under the name Essence of Night. In first year of existence, Victor released several EPs, and later full length albums God Complex (2008), Dream Symphony (2009) and Synthesize the Winter (2010). At that point sound became very different from the first idea, but also from everything else seen on the underground scene. Then, one period of music creation was over and another one started. Also, influenced by changes on personal plan, Victor decided to start a new "SynthWave" project, parting from most of the earlier works. Sound of her Wings combines synthetic sounds and electronic beats, typical for EBM subgenres with Trance melodies, deep vocals and sometimes even Metal drums and guitars, creating in that way unique sound, with dark underground atmosphere of Darkwave, but danceable feeling of EBM and energy blasts of Metal.

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