Sunday, November 28, 2010

New Dawn Coming


The project was formed in 2003. by four musicians from croatian gothic/metal scene. This was just side project since they were all dedicated to their main bands. Those four individuals gathered and during long monthly sessions recorded the raw sketch material for their ideas and musical vision. So here it is. This myspace contains some of the tracks from that material. Material is just basically recorded and mixed in "working on" purpose. The band was never disbanded though, just remained in frozen status until today. There may be some brand new materials and maybe not. It all depends on the people reaction to this project, beacuse it was never exposed to public before. Enjoy the music ;)

myspace page


New Dawn Coming EP

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Co1980 said...

Six years later and I finally discovered your music - and by accident too! I think this project is wonderful - melodic, gothic, catchy, effective solos, great and pleasant vocals and backing vocals...

It will probably be too much to hope for, but I would love to hear more from this project! Thanks for giving the world your wonderful music! :)