Monday, December 10, 2012

Mefisto - Bili smo ponosni ratnici (1999)

MEFISTO : Bili smo ponosni ratnici (1999 demo) re-release

genre: noise punk / hardcore

Mefisto was a noise punk / hardcore band from Novi Sad (Serbia). Existed from 1999 until 2002.  Band played several gigs and recorded one demo album and one mini-album. This is their demo  album recording from 1999 recorded entirely in a living room with cheap plastic microphones. Mefisto were: Mihajlo (dreDDup, MRT, CutnpastE), Slavko (Groove Orchestra, MB?) and Boba (Dark Dawn, MB?). Only one concert took place after in 2004. with Pedja (ZBL, Vrisak Generacije) on drums. Enjoy!

This 1999 demo album includes:
1. Korov   (eng. Root)
2. Napad   (eng. Attack)
3. Srbija (krv medju zubima)    (eng. Serbia - Bloody teeth)
4. Mefisto   (eng. Mephisto)
5. Jama   (eng. The Pit)
6. Stomacna tegoba   (eng. Upset stomach)
7. Iza ogledala   (eng. Behind the mirror)
8. Grobnica   (eng. Tomb)

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