Monday, October 29, 2012

Blastcraft - The Steel Junkyard (2012)

Blastcraft - The Steel Junkyard

This is the second release from Blastcraft. Experimenting with cyberpunk, industrial and plain electronics, this one-man band went even further than it's original sound. All music included was done on a computer with midi synth. The main inspiration for this release is a sci-fi oriented vision of near future. If you like the soundracks of the futuristic cyberpunk movies, than this album is made for you! Enjoy!

 01 The Steel Junkyard (5:37)
02 Why My Guitar Gently Scream (3:29)
03 Infernal Dance (3:15)
04 Amplificratia (3:10)
05 Amphybiotic (4:28)
06 Dream Paths (5:54)
07 Scared - Confused - Accused (4:24)
08 Astral Visions (6:00)

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