Thursday, April 17, 2014

Retro Grad - Retro Grad (2013)

RETRO GRAD:  Retro Grad  [ 2014 ]
electronic / ambient / classical
dsr0136 | rd: 18-04-2014

Retro Grad - a composer (and one man band) from Zrenjanin (Serbia) - treading a fine line between classical and electronic ambient music. Srdjan Marinkovic as man behind this project made this album easy to listen with awesome harmonies and nice ambient backgrounds. One of his songs appears on promo video for the Visa website by M. Sugrue, a commercial photographer based in San Francisco. Also, Retro Grad was featured on the cosmoPOPlitan vol. 2 compilation. Splitting Sounds Records have recently released his self- titled album. The Independent film director Michael Henry from Quandary Productions from London has published Retro Grad as Artist of the Month on his site Michael Henry Film. Retro Grad is looking to realize collaborations with video artists over the coming years.


1. Rising (1:34)
2. At The Bottom of the Sea (2:11)
3. A Beautiful Emptiness (2:39)
4. Wish (2:04)
5. The March at November (1:43)
6. New People (2:25)
7. The Last Penguin (3:33)
8. A Full Circle (3:09)

file info
8 tracks - 44khz256kbps/mp3


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