Sunday, February 16, 2014

Blastcraft - Worldwide Lobotomy (2014)

BLASTCRAFT:  Worldwide Lobotomy  [ 2014 ]
cyberpunk / experimental electronics
dsr0135 | rd: 16-02-2014

Blastcraft returns with it's new album 'Worldwide lobotomy'. This album contains a lot of different genres mixed up into Blastcraft sound, from ambient electronics, to dance music, dubstep and trance synths. I must say that it reminds me again of some music of the 80's, sci-fi movies mixed with some videogame music. You can almost visualize all of the drama within the futuristic, apocalyptic world in the year 2300. Very interesting album indeed. This sound awoke something evil in the woods. It was never meant for the world of the living. If you are interested in cyberpunk and music arrangements that can suprise you - this is the album you need to listen loud when you fuck your robot! Enjoy!


01. The Hall of Oblivion(3:05)
    02. Worldwide Lobotomy  (3:32)
  03. Monitored, Controlled, Conquered
   04. Wireless Enslavement  (3:19)
05. Subatomic Sadness (2:53)
06. Twirling the Spiral (5:38)
07. The Meaning of ... (3:54)
08. Media Bleach (2:05)
09. Rise of the Overlords  (3:25)
   10. Until the End of Time  (4:06)
11. Brainstorms  (2:34)
12. The Big Bad Shit From Outer Space
    13. A New Level of Worship  (3:49)
14. Psychopatic Overclocking  (2:48)
15. The Howler  (4:34)

file info
15 tracks - 44khz320kbps/mp3

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