Thursday, March 20, 2008



Not any biography, my friends. Simply me, my guitar, variety of analog and digital stompbox FXs, Nord Micro Modular VA synth, Alesis Quadraverb 2, Korg Mini Kaoss Pad, Peavey Mixer PV8, HsingHai vintage Chinese harmonica, Hohner Big River Harp, vintage Hohner melodica, some cheap percussions, bunch of different everyday small objects tortured in live (pencils, paper, plastic chocolate packages, kicking table, door/chair noises, spilling different crap over table and mic). All sounds and melodies are recorded thought instrument line in, or with miserable plastic microphone for chat. All that's sometimes slightly produced on my shitty PC + some VSTs. Of course, sorry on low audio quality of some tracks. Almost all my music here is my instant instruments/fxs improvisations, some melodies and noises sampled live (looped on my DD20 delay), sometimes recorded in only one channel.... they're all lo-fi murmurings, simply reflections of my current emotions... in any sense, nothing musically valuable or important...

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