Friday, October 10, 2008

Somnifera Profunda

"We are moving to the realm of dark ambient which belongs to the lady named Somnifera Profunda. The music and atmosphere gets ... darker here.... She uses more gothic atmosphere in her songs, and they do sound scary. Dark ambient melodies made from sinister sounds and tunes of harpsichord and other archaic instruments combined with haunting and ghostly chants will really make your skin crawl. These songs are aural materializations of their artist’s dementia, for no sane musician would be able to create something as disturbing as this infernal peace of art. And if you are not careful, she will be delighted to pull you into dementia as well. It really makes me, as the fan of dark side of music, happy to know that we have such artists around to make our grimmest nightmares come true. So I call upon all the fans of dark musical artists like Atrium Carceri, or other similar projects to give as much support as possible to this Serbian project for the person behind it deserves it."
by Tamerlan, for Dementia zine.

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Anonymous said...

Great post . .many thanks

Anonymous said...

I like it too..

Anonymous said...

She is much more infernal in the flesh.


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Anonymous said...

k as in kaos? :)

but i agree.. ;)