Tuesday, December 24, 2013

dreDDup - WE SPERM NOISE (compilation) 2013

(free compilation of dreDDup songs from 1997 to 2013)

Next year. Serbian industrial rock band, dreDDup goes into 17th year of its existence. For this occasion and holiday celebration we give our fans and friends this free compilation! ‘We Sperm Noise’ consists of 21 track and 72 minutes of music – from dark electronics to fast industrial rock riffs. It represents all the important parts of dreDDup sound history and it’s different line-ups. This link will be active until 1st of January 2014. Enjoy this songs as we enjoy playing them live! Happy holidays and  Happy new year from the band dreDDup!


  1. Etika (ft. Dario Seraval of Borghesia) (2013)
  2. Fire up the Planet (2012)
  3. Train to Madness (ft. Gaga Lee of Hype!) (2012)
  4. Angel for the Masses (ft. Simone of Lezbos in Action) (2011)
  5. Blast (ft. Die Antwoord) (2011)
  6. Inject the Poison (ft. RozzX of f.O.F.) (2010)
  7. Wheels (ft. Bojan of KOH) (2010)
  8. Mr Fooz (2010)
  9. Return of the TV (2009)
  10. The New Pain (2008)
  11. Futurism (2007)
  12. Jinkeez (2006)
  13. Not from Here (2006)
  14. Eraser (2005)
  15. Off the Hook (2003)
  16. Zero Tolerance (2001)
  17. Speedup (2001)
  18. Obey me or die (2000)
  19. Monkey (1998)
  20. Digital Dreams (1998)
  21. How I killed my Teddy Bear (1997)
Here’s the link for this compilation:



Anonymous said...

the downlaodlink is defekt.

The requested URL /dreddup-we_sperm_noise_2013.rar was not found on this server.

Anonymous said...

"This link will be active until 1st of January 2014."


Anonymous said...

its still not active =(

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