Monday, December 30, 2013

MOTHER BETH VS BLONDIE - Nihil ex Nihilo (2013)

MOTHER BETH VS BLONDIE - Nihil ex Nihilo (2013)
ambient / experimental  / drone

Mother Beth vs Blondie is experimental solo project by Predrag Karanjac (ex zeta reticulan oath) from Zrenjanin, Serbia. Project was started somewhere in 2011 but nihil ex nihilo is first offical realase. This here is the first release of Mother Beth vs. Blondie for C:S label and we must say that we are very proud of this release. Veru similiar ambient industrial sound like the one  Spleen and MRT make. We must say that this sounds like a soundtrack for a good horror movie. Listening to it also reminds us of some weird experiments Boyd Rice and Einsturzende Neubauten did back in the 80's. If we ever make some horror movie for our label, this will be the ultimate soundtrack. We recommend this release to people who like drone, squeek and weird noises. Enjoy!


1. microgravity in macrosapience
2. ectoplasm ectoplasm
3. song for b
4. katka shipicka
5. stara pazova 1932
6. song for special frog
7. my tortoise
8. valley of the jackals
9. 1389
10. postojna cave
11. lini je sile (borghesia cover)

file info:
11 tracks - 44khz320kbps/mp3

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