Tuesday, February 11, 2014

SURREAL ETERNITY : As The Morning Comes [ep] 2014

SURREAL ETERNITY : As the Morning Comes [ 2014 ]
dark electro / trance
dsr0134 | rd: 12-02-2014

Surreal Eternity returns in 2014. with the blast release. 'As the Morning Comes'  is the ultimate club hit, featuring Kult of Red Pyramid. This is a overture ep for the following album which is about to be released during the year. If you love aggrotech, trance music, dark electro music and nu-ebm, this is THE release for you! Enjoy!


1. As The Morning Comes (5:03)
2. As The Morning Comes [Instrumental]
3.  Reborn (4:44)
4. Reborn [Figurative Theatre Mix]
5. Mind Abuse [Bonus Unreleased Track]
6.  Present [Bonus Unreleased Track]

file info:
6 tracks - 44khz320kbps/mp3